Summer Ward


Summer Ward

My biggest motivator in life is connectivity. My dharma, service. I understand that we are all different and I love diversity! I try to be non-judgmental. I recognize that we are all here doing our best. That there will be days full of sunshine and days with dark clouds. I am aware that we experience our own inherent habits, patterns, and constant cycles of change that although very personal, mimic nature on this planet and our existence as a whole.

I am a Yoga Alliance Registered teacher. I began practicing yoga in 2002, started teaching (after a two day course) in 2006, understood what yoga really was and began studying it in depth in 2009, and made it my full time purpose in 2014. My style is grounded with an emphasis of turning inward to find personal truth. My focus is aligning with nature and understanding your own seasons and cycles.

Weekly Schedule

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