Kristen Chinn


Kristen Chinn

The purpose of life is to discover your gift, The work of life is to develop it; and The meaning of life is to give your gift away. ~ David Scott

The gift of touch has served me well as a career massage therapist over the last 14 years. Aside from being a Mom to my two cherished daughters, my work is my passion and purpose. My yoga practice began as an outlet from my work and the demands of parenting. Then, yoga moved me ! Through life’s celebrations and challenges yoga moved me into healing my past; becoming more trusting , giving and grateful . I began to feel less anxious and more balanced. It was through my 200 hour Teacher Training in 2013 that I experienced the power of touch on a whole new level ! During the assisting certification portion I was completely blown away while assisting my classmate during a live class. The community and collective energy of breath and movement drew me in as I became just so present to the needs of others, I felt so humbled and honored to part of that experience. The power of touch, it’s good medicine!!

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