Park Leads

Dennis Stevense

Bookkeeper, Park Lead, YMU Teacher

Bookkeeper, YMU Teacher
After moving across the world, it didn’t take long for Dennis to stumble upon a yoga studio in Sacramento. Yoga took his engineering mind, and balanced it out with a greater awareness of himself and what’s going on around him. Through yoga, he created many new friendships and found a way to be of service.

Since taking yoga teacher training, Dennis has been volunteer assisting classes at Zuda Yoga and volunteer teaching yoga at the UC Davis Medical Center and the Sacramento Zoo. He believes yoga is one way we can make the world work a little bit better, and he is honored to be a part of Yoga Moves Us to make yoga available to the Sacramento community and beyond.

Tracy Gardner

Park Lead, YMU Teacher

Maidu Park, Roseville, CA – Park Lead, YMU Teacher
Tracy started practicing yoga in 2010. It quickly changed her life from the inside out. She fell in love with the connection between breath and movement, and the connection with the community. She feels that every assist she has received over the years has helped her in some way. It has either helped deepen her practice, or has provided a sense of calm and being taken care of. She is grateful for all the assistants, yoga, and the yoga community, which is why she loves to assist others- To give back to the community that has given so much to her!

Anais Foley-Kennedy

Park Lead, YMU Teacher

Community Park, Davis, CA – Park Lead, YMU Teacher
I love the way yoga connects us all in different ways: to one another, to our self, to our breath. Assisting Yoga In The Park allows me to connect with so many people offering space, love & support. Connecting with the community is special & leaves me in a yoga la la bliss. If we can all feel more love at the end of practice it will ripple into the world around us.

Mantra I try to live by on & off the mat: loka samasta sukhino bhavantu {may all beings & things be happy & free}

Emily Robinson

Park Lead, YMU Teacher

Lions Park, Folsom, CA – Park Lead, YMU Teacher
When asked to join Yoga Moves Us Emily had no hesitation. She deeply feels that yoga should be shared with all. Bringing local studios together has been an aspiration for her even prior to teaching. Emily firmly stands behind “more yoga more love”, when community comes together amazing things happen. Teaching for several years, she began her yoga practice over two decades ago. While being deeply rooted and understanding of yoga’s ancient traditions she brings power and play to her vinyasa classes. She finds teachers come from many experiences…raising her children, observing others and her deep friendships. It’s all yoga.

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