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Yoga Moves Us Teachers are a shining example of what it means to give back. They are driven to spread their passion and knowledge of yoga to our communities. All of our teachers have completed intensive training to guarantee you that you are in the hands of capable and talented teachers.

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Dennis Stevense

Bookkeeper, Park Lead, YMU Teacher

Bookkeeper, YMU Teacher
After moving across the world, it didn’t take long for Dennis to stumble upon a yoga studio in Sacramento. Yoga took his engineering mind, and balanced it out with a greater awareness of himself and what’s going on around him. Through yoga, he created many new friendships and found a way to be of service.

Since taking yoga teacher training, Dennis has been volunteer assisting classes at Zuda Yoga and volunteer teaching yoga at the UC Davis Medical Center and the Sacramento Zoo. He believes yoga is one way we can make the world work a little bit better, and he is honored to be a part of Yoga Moves Us to make yoga available to the Sacramento community and beyond.

Tracy Gardner

Park Lead, YMU Teacher

Maidu Park, Roseville, CA – Park Lead, YMU Teacher
Tracy started practicing yoga in 2010. It quickly changed her life from the inside out. She fell in love with the connection between breath and movement, and the connection with the community. She feels that every assist she has received over the years has helped her in some way. It has either helped deepen her practice, or has provided a sense of calm and being taken care of. She is grateful for all the assistants, yoga, and the yoga community, which is why she loves to assist others- To give back to the community that has given so much to her!

Emily Robinson

Park Lead, YMU Teacher

Lions Park, Folsom, CA – Park Lead, YMU Teacher
When asked to join Yoga Moves Us Emily had no hesitation. She deeply feels that yoga should be shared with all. Bringing local studios together has been an aspiration for her even prior to teaching. Emily firmly stands behind “more yoga more love”, when community comes together amazing things happen. Teaching for several years, she began her yoga practice over two decades ago. While being deeply rooted and understanding of yoga’s ancient traditions she brings power and play to her vinyasa classes. She finds teachers come from many experiences…raising her children, observing others and her deep friendships. It’s all yoga.

Anais Foley-Kennedy

Park Lead, YMU Teacher

Community Park, Davis, CA – Park Lead, YMU Teacher
I love the way yoga connects us all in different ways: to one another, to our self, to our breath. Assisting Yoga In The Park allows me to connect with so many people offering space, love & support. Connecting with the community is special & leaves me in a yoga la la bliss. If we can all feel more love at the end of practice it will ripple into the world around us.

Mantra I try to live by on & off the mat: loka samasta sukhino bhavantu {may all beings & things be happy & free}

Tonya Keck

Lead Assistant, YMU Teacher

Community Park, Davis, CA. – Lead Assistant, YMU Teacher
Tonya’s first yoga class was in a very small gym setting. Wanting more from her practice lead her to a studio. There she noticed people who had an inner glow of knowing what is like to be comfortable in their mind and bodies. She thought” I WANT THAT TOO in my life”. Yoga has helped her understand how good the body was designed to feel. It has inspired her in to share this passion with others and become involved in a community that is eager to share growth and expansion. The best thing about Yoga it can be practiced at any age and it’s a practice for life.

Victoria Belasco

Victoria Belasco

YMU Teacher

Victoria’s love for teaching didn’t start with yoga. It all began in the Spring of 2011, when she graduated from CSU, Sacramento with a Degree in Dance specializing in Choreography. She knew that sharing her love of art through the movement of the human body was something that she was passionate about. After college, Victoria soon parted ways with dance to a more competitive athletic atmosphere but still held onto the love of teaching for the future. After a couple years of vigorous training and competitions, her fused spine due to her Scoliosis Surgery from 2000 started to give her problems. Her doctor recommended that she try more of a low impact activity that would help rehab her body back to normal which brought her to Yoga. After few classes, she soon found out what her heart and teaching soul was finally searching for. After only practicing Yoga a year, she made a commitment to be a part of Zuda Yoga’s 200 hr Vinyasa Teacher Training Program where her journey and life truly began.

Summer Ward

YMU Teacher

My biggest motivator in life is connectivity. My dharma, service. I understand that we are all different and I love diversity! I try to be non-judgmental. I recognize that we are all here doing our best. That there will be days full of sunshine and days with dark clouds. I am aware that we experience our own inherent habits, patterns, and constant cycles of change that although very personal, mimic nature on this planet and our existence as a whole.

I am a Yoga Alliance Registered teacher. I began practicing yoga in 2002, started teaching (after a two day course) in 2006, understood what yoga really was and began studying it in depth in 2009, and made it my full time purpose in 2014. My style is grounded with an emphasis of turning inward to find personal truth. My focus is aligning with nature and understanding your own seasons and cycles.

Carolina Wonder Ehrlich

Carolina Wonder Ehrlich

YMU Teacher, YMU Assistant

Carolina Wonder Ehrlich began practicing an alignment-based style of yoga while she was a graduate student of Art History in 2005. She fell in love with the practice because it grounded her in her body, helped her focus and gave her a freedom and inner confidence she never knew was possible.

In 2009 she traveled to India for two months to travel and study Ashtanga yoga under Sri R. Sharath Jois at the KPJAYI in Mysore. This experience solidified her commitment and broadened her understanding of the practice of yoga as a way of life. Since moving to Davis in 2010, Carolina has been practicing Power yoga, a strength-building flow style derived from Ashtanga. She did her 200-hour teacher training at Zuda yoga with Anne Marie Kramer in Sacramento. Carolina primarily teaches Power yoga and Ashtanga-inspired classes. She also teaches yoga and mindfulness to children at the Davis Art Center.

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