Examples of Selfless Service.

Meet Our Assistants

Yoga Moves Us Assistants are committed to help our participants have a safe and empowering experience! Each of them are trained and committed to serving the community. Their focus is to be present to the needs of the class to give you a memorable yoga class experience, and even to help you take your practice to the next level.

Jany Slay

Outreach Coordinator, YMU Assistant

Prior to yoga, Jany was addicted to turbo kick-boxing classes to release stress and stay healthy. After taking her first Bikram class in 2013 she realized that slowing down can be just as fun and as sweaty. But it was the community of yogis that helped Jany realize the ultimate gift of yoga: unconditional love for self and others in any moment. Jany has since been a student of various styles of yoga and is always inspired by the karmic effects the practice has on its community, which is why Yoga Move Us was a program she knew she wanted to be a part of. Always with compassion and a full heart, Jany’s intentions as a teacher and assistant is to provide a space for students to find more love and kindness for themselves and others.

Carolina Wonder Ehrlich

Carolina Wonder Ehrlich

YMU Teacher, YMU Assistant

Carolina Wonder Ehrlich began practicing an alignment-based style of yoga while she was a graduate student of Art History in 2005. She fell in love with the practice because it grounded her in her body, helped her focus and gave her a freedom and inner confidence she never knew was possible.

In 2009 she traveled to India for two months to travel and study Ashtanga yoga under Sri R. Sharath Jois at the KPJAYI in Mysore. This experience solidified her commitment and broadened her understanding of the practice of yoga as a way of life. Since moving to Davis in 2010, Carolina has been practicing Power yoga, a strength-building flow style derived from Ashtanga. She did her 200-hour teacher training at Zuda yoga with Anne Marie Kramer in Sacramento. Carolina primarily teaches Power yoga and Ashtanga-inspired classes. She also teaches yoga and mindfulness to children at the Davis Art Center.

Diana Garcia

YMU Assistant

I believe balance, strength, & flexibility on and off the mat provides for a rich life of health and happiness within ourselves, so we can authentically connect with others. It is never too late in life to begin a practice of yoga, nor too late to ‘live big’.

Two years ago after my sister died from breast cancer at the young age of 50, I saw the words ‘live big’ and was motivated to move deeper into my yoga practice. As an assistant, I am inspired by the dedication I see, and am honored to help foster a practice where everyone can experience the sacred place I find in my own practice.

Lisa Stover

YMU Assistant

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” When I started my practice almost 3 years ago, that statement continued to become more and more real for me…beyond what I knew I was capable of. With the constant love and support from my teachers, the assistants, and my mat, I’ve grown so much, mentally, physically, and emotionally.

All I’ve wanted was to be able to give back to this community that has blessed my life so much, and because my career demands a lot from me, I never thought that would be possible. Assisting has given me that opportunity: the opportunity to extend the love and support that was given so freely to me, back to the community.

Kristen Chinn

YMU Assistant

The purpose of life is to discover your gift, The work of life is to develop it; and The meaning of life is to give your gift away. ~ David Scott

The gift of touch has served me well as a career massage therapist over the last 14 years. Aside from being a Mom to my two cherished daughters, my work is my passion and purpose. My yoga practice began as an outlet from my work and the demands of parenting. Then, yoga moved me ! Through life’s celebrations and challenges yoga moved me into healing my past; becoming more trusting , giving and grateful . I began to feel less anxious and more balanced. It was through my 200 hour Teacher Training in 2013 that I experienced the power of touch on a whole new level ! During the assisting certification portion I was completely blown away while assisting my classmate during a live class. The community and collective energy of breath and movement drew me in as I became just so present to the needs of others, I felt so humbled and honored to part of that experience. The power of touch, it’s good medicine!!

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