Board Members

Zach Stahlecker

President, YMU Teacher

Zach’s very first yoga class was at Yoga In The Park. This experience propelled him to a regular practice. In 2013 he began assisting at Yoga In The Park as a way to give back. Following that that path he submersed himself in various workshops, trainings, and a 200 hr RYT teaching certification. He continues his growth as teacher by consistently immersing himself in developing his skills and finding new ways to share yoga with others. All of which has allowed him to go deeper in both the physical and spiritual practice of Yoga.

Michelle Green

Vice President

Michelle began her yoga journey in 2007 where she quickly committed to a regular practice and has never looked back. She feels strongly that the mind/body connection can be healing and empowering. As her practice deepened, her path unfolded and Michelle began exploring different studios, attending workshops, and practicing at Yoga in the Park. In 2012, she completed an assisting workshop which is when she began assisting at Yoga in the Park. What an amazing, accepting and loving community! This is where her heart cracked wide open.

In 2013, she joined the board of Yoga Across America and thoroughly enjoyed every second of her service, while watching Yoga in the Park grow and expand. When Zach called her to share his idea of starting a non-profit to continue to support the parks program, she said yes without hesitation.

Where Yoga Moves Us goes from here, nobody knows, but its all about the journey and she is thrilled to be a part of it! Michelle is co-founder and Vice President of Yoga Moves Us and continues to assist regularly for the Yoga in the Parks program.

Tammy Battistessa


Tammy Battistessa

Tammy began dabbling in yoga over a decade ago. But it wasn’t until about 2009 when she stumbled upon Power Vinyasa that she was really hooked. Bikram, too hot! Yin, too slow! Vinyasa, just right! Tammy believes that one of the amazing things about yoga is that there are so many types and options available that everyone can find a home!

While yoga began as primarily a physical practice for Tammy, she quickly began to realize the mental and emotional benefits and the real hook came from the result of feeling centered and grounded when practicing on a regular basis.

In 2014 Tammy decided to take her practice to the next level and completed her 200-hour teacher training and assisting programs and in addition to serving as Secretary to the Board of Directors for Yoga Moves Us, Tammy is also spreading the love by volunteering as an assistant at McKinley Park.

While Power Vinyasa is where her heart is and where her passion lies, Tammy has since grown to appreciate the benefits of all types of yoga and of slowing it down a little, which she believes allows students to go deeper into their practice both physically and spiritually.

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