Our Team

We are fortunate to have a dedicated group of yogis the help support Yoga Moves Us. Each one of our dedicated volunteers play a crucial role in bringing accessible yoga to all.

Board Members – Yoga Moves Us board members are a part of the executive team committed to finding new ways expand our programs through the community.
Advisory Panel – Our advisory members are also a part of the executive team key to helping the board members further the mission of Yoga Moves Us.
Park Leads – Our Park leads are an essential part of the park experience. They schedule teachers and assistants and make our park yoga classes run smooth.
YMU Teachers – Yoga Moves Us Teachers are a shining example of what it means to give back. They are driven to spread their passion and knowledge of yoga to our communities.
YMU Assistants – Yoga Moves Us Assistants are committed to help our participants have a safe and empowering experience! Each of them are trained and committed to serving the community.
Program Volunteers – We have many people that play integral role in moving Yoga Moves Us into the lives of more people who can benefit from our services.

YMU FOUNDERS: Michelle Green, Larry Green, Zach Stahlecker, & Halsey Boyd.

Weekly Schedule

Check out the latest issue of our newsletter for the most up to date schedule: