Assisting Opportunities

Feeling called to serve? Why not connect with community through assisting!

Here are the YITP guidelines that Yoga Moves Us has set forth to become a Yoga In the Park assistant:

We ask that you have finished an assisting program within the last 6 months OR have been assisting regularly at a yoga studio and we are able to validate this by either an assisting program certificate or letter from your yoga studio.

Once this is confirmed:
You will shadow at least 2 YITP classes.
· The first class you will observe only, and provide child’s pose and savasana assists.
· The following class or classes, you will shadow another assistant. This will be arranged by the park lead or lead assistant.

Once you have performed three (or more) assists and feel comfortable with your assisting skills you can test out with the lead assistant or someone appointed by the park lead.

You may be given specific feedback that you will need to work on before being able to assist in the park. Following the above protocols does not guarantee you a spot assisting in the park. The needs of the park and of the community vary.

Assisting at Yoga in the Park is a volunteer opportunity, but we do ask that you commit to a minimum of one Saturday a month so that we are able to keep a regular schedule.

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Weekly Schedule

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